Bowling party ideas need a little help…bowling party supplies! Call your local lanes and set a party date with them. The lanes will give you a special party rate and you can celebrate right there. You will need to bring a few bowling party supplies of your own and possibly a birthday cake.The lanes should supply a room where you can cut and serve the cake and they may also provide a “hostess”. A hostess is a bowling alley employee who is assigned to your group to help you out. It’s good to have some one to give you a hand during your party.

You can check out party supplies online, or at your local 屯門慶祝生日  party supply store. Look for some bowling party favors…you might find some stickers, a bowling pin key chain, a bowling pin sippy cup and maybe even a pocket game of 10 pins. At the lanes you will get special shoes for each child and they will supply a ball so your guests can strike up a fun game. Some lanes have special bumper guards so no balls can roll into the gutter. This way no child will get a gutter ball, which is a zero score in bowling. After all it’s supposed to be a fun game…right?

You can keep score or not…just let the kids play. Teach them how to roll a strike or a spare. Teach them how to roll the ball properly and explain to them that when you get a strike or a spare you get some extra points. A perfect game has a score of 300, roll three strikes and it is called a turkey…there are lots of bowling information and trivia you can entertain your party guests with. There are even free printable pictures of pins and balls so you can let your guests color or you can use them as a party favor. Put a couple of these coloring pages in a goody bag with some crayons and you’ve made a party bag kids will enjoy.If you have to supply a cake, why not decorate it yourself? You can bake and frost your cake, just as you usually do. Then decorate it by placing a cake topper right on top! It’s easy and inexpensive to make your own birthday party cake.

The first thing you should do when you decide upon a bowling party theme is call you local lanes. Call several different bowling alleys and ask about their party packages. Ask what is included in the package fee for each of your guests…lane rental, shoe rental, a party room, a helper, party supplies, drinks or a cake. Choose the package that matches your budget and set the date. Now you’ve got to send out invitations…which are easy to make at home…just cut paper out in the shape of a pin and fill in your party information. You can rest assured that a kids bowling birthday party will be fun for everyone who attends…and that includes you too Mom!



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