Hot tub heaters are one of the most essential elements of your tub. There are various kinds of heaters for indoor and outdoor spas, but choosing a reliable heater can not only warm your tub up quickly but it should also maintain the temperature. They’re also used in home spas. Actually isn’t that fantastic, to take a hot stress-free bath outdoors, even though the weather is quite nippy?

Normally, you’ll know when it’s time to change your heater simply because your water will not be as warm as it used to be, and you can check this by looking at the temperature gauge. If it really does breakdown then it’s advisable to hire a professional to install a new one for you. This is much too hard a task for an amateur and trying it yourself might cause unnecessary damage. So, unless you are a skilled technician, make sure you get some help.

There are actually a few types of heaters to choose from, electric powered, propane gas and wood burning. Electric hot tub heaters tend to be pretty simple to use. All you need is a standard household hook-up of 110/220V. No additional wiring is required and you will be able to use your heater anywhere there is a standard socket. A further advantage is that electric heaters are very simple to repair if anything goes drastically wrong and finding the parts should be simple. However with spiraling fuel costs, you may find this option expensive to run.

Gas heaters tend to be more cost-effective so are probably better suited for frequent users, particularly in the cold season. Also it heats the water more quickly wood heaters and is much easier to install for in-ground tubs. In the event that there is no electrical supply available, an external gas or propane heater works perfectly for keeping the tub warm.

Last but not least you have the traditional wood burning heaters. Despite the fact that they tend to be the most economical, you are unable to use them with any kind of tub except the wooden ones. They warm up the water extremely quickly and work efficiently but are essentially only practical for people who use the hot tub now and again.

Hot tub or spa heaters may well add an extra 10-20 percent to an energy bill but by observing some simple steps, you can drastically help reduce that; To find out more, make sure you study the resource box below…

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