The mobile phone was once considered luxury. Now we cannot imagine life without our trusted mobile. The phone gives the warm feelings of being near to the dear ones. The handset manufacturers and the mobile service providers has united to bring the technology to the common people. The phone market has grown huge from the day of its inception. No wonder, everyone wishes to have a fair share of this market.

The war to grab the mobile phone market share is heating up. A noticeable indicator is the phone deals offered to the consumers. The mobile companies have the sales department that innovates and comes up with new mobile deals. These deals are to tempt the consumer in buying the service and the mobile. Each mobile deal offers something unique and new.

It is a common practice to offer the mobile BONANZAJP deals as a combination of the mobile phone model and the network service. This is a win-win situation for both the companies. It is a good option for the consumer also. If the offered combo deal does not interest the buyer; he or she can always go for individual mobile deals and service provider deals. However, the combo offer mobiles phones at a very less rate and host of services at a minimal rental.

The common trend seen these days is the launch of new mobiles at a break neck speed and almost always combined with a service provider package. The mobile phone manufacturing companies are gearing to cram latest technologies on their hand sets. Gone are the days when mobile was only a device to make and receive calls. The handset offers camera, internet connectivity, multimedia sms, games, music and video storing, etc. It is a lifestyle statement nowadays. The newly launched Samsung S5620 Monte and the HTC Legend; both are touch screen phones. The short duration between the launch of the handsets signifies the fierce battle between phone manufacturers. None of them are ready to offer an advantage to the competitor.

The mobile phone is the toy of the grown up. The companies offer the mobile deals to make them irresistible. The mobile deals offer cash back, discount, free features and gifts. It is a consumer delight. A person can choose the deal that best fits his or her requirements.

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