In the World of Warcraft, first aid is a valuable secondary profession for all classes. In fact, it is a desirable skill that will benefit you on the battlefield. With these skills, you can quickly get back to the battle while conserving mana. This is one profession everyone can get and would be well advised to do so. It is an essential skill to have during raids.

Consider, too, that while you are traveling in the World of Warcraft, you inevitably will come across monsters that you will have to fight to save yourself. During this aspect of your game, you will find various items that can be used to create bandages of all types. If you choose World of Worldcraft first aid as your secondary profession, you will be able to make the most of those items.

The items you’ll need for World of Warcraft first aid include: linen cloth, wool cloth, silk cloth, megaweave cloth, runecloth, netherweave cloth, and several venom sacs.

Before you can use those materials to create bandages, however, you will need to be trained in various levels of first aid. To get started your training quickly, head over to one of the cities to find a skilled trainer. To advance from first aid artisan level, you will need to purchase the Expert First Aid book. To go past level 225, you must seek out a trauma surgeon and take a timed test.

As you progress through your World of Warcraft first aid training, you will learn a series of bandages and anti-venom knowledge and application, starting with the linen bandage at skill level one and ending with the heavy frostweave bandage at skill level 400.

Heavy mageweave, runecloth and heavy runecloth bandage skills can be acquired from an artisan quest-giver without charge.

You will need to purchase several manuals during your World  Buy wow gold of Warcraft first aid training which you might find at auctions. The required manuals include: Expert First Aid – Under Wraps, Manual: Heavy Silk Bandage, Manual: Mageweave Bandage, Master First Aid – Doctor in the House, Manual: Netherweave Bandage, and Manual: Heavy Frostweave Bandage.

It’s important to know that it’s best to use the bandages in a location where you and your patient are not at risk of being attacked as you would be on a battlefield. Bandages require a specific period of time to take effect. If either of you are struck, the bandage becomes ineffective for 60 seconds and you have to start the application all over again.

To avoid this risk, find a place to hide, away from danger. Your only other option is to stun or scare away any attacking monsters while your bandage has time to take effect.


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