In this day and age, having a diet or weight control plan is absolutely essential, yet many people don’t have one. The question on everyone’s mind is “if I get a weight control plan, how do I commit to it with such a busy lifestyle?”. The simple answer is, create a weight control plan around your busy life schedule. In this article, I’m going to reveal to you how to put together a simple plan that caters specifically to your needs.

Not surprisingly, most people don’t have a weight control plan. Reasons include lack of time, no motivation or just bad experiences with weight loss fads that produced no results. To get the best results and stay committed, there are three things you need: a training partner, eating plan and a calendar.

1. For the weight control plan to work, it’s important to have a training partner who will act as your coach, competitor and trainee. As your coach, you’ll be accountable to them and they will ensure you reach your targets every time, whether it’s cardiovascular (20 minutes) or weight training (45 minutes). As your competitor, they do the activity with you but in a competitive manner, 減肥餐 which is great in encouraging you to pick up your game. As your trainee, you become their coach. This allows you to return the favor (and rest) but also see what you may need to improve in yourself. All in all, a training partner makes it much easier to stay motivated and committed to a weight control plan.

2. The next step to creating a simple weight control plan involves creating an eating plan. This requires you to avoid whole grain foods (carbohydrates), junk food and sugar. These are some of the many foods that contribute to weight gain in the majority of people. Instead, replace your those foods with more fruit, vegetables, fish and lean meat, and have 4-5 small meals a day. Also, increase your water intake to 7 cups per day, as it’ll keep you hydrated and help you lose weight. However, having your training partner eat the same food can also make it easier for you to commit to your new eating plan.

3. The final component to this weight control plan is simply having a calendar to track your progress. However, you must have your own separate calendar because you and your training partner will produce different results. The benefit of having a calendar is that you can track your progress over days, weeks and months. Firstly, mark down the “work out days” that best suits your time schedule, as it only needs to be done 3 days a week. Generally if there are any dates you miss, it will motivate you to make up it. Finally, simply write down your weight for the week to see how your weight loss progress has been.

Keep in mind that your eating plan and calendar must be done everyday, while your workouts should be on the same days for every week to keep it consistent. As you can see a weight control plan is much easier than most people think. The key to weight loss is just consistency and commitment to this simple, yet effective weight control plan. All the three components are important and they can all work around any busy life schedule.


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