Imagine how successful you would become at picking up girls if you knew what they wanted to hear. It would be as if you could pick up any girl you call girls in karachi wanted by just simply talking to her and the truth is that it is definitely possible if you become really good at telling a girl what she needs or wants to hear. So the million dollar question is what do girls really want to hear? Well, this is what we will discuss in this article.

You Are Beautiful

Most men think that calling a woman attractive will suffice but being attractive is not something that women want to be, they want to be called beautiful. But if you just call her beautiful she will think something has gone wrong with you, it is important to look into her eyes and talk to her explaining her beauty prior to calling her beautiful. On the list of what every girl wants to hear this ranks right at no. 1.


Now if the woman you are going out with has this feeling that she is not beautiful or she knows that she is ordinary looking, calling her beautiful is going a bit too far especially if you just met her. The second thing that most women want men to say to them is “wow, you are pretty intelligent,” or “you are one heck of an intelligent girl.” These are words that every woman loves to hear not to mention the fact that it makes them feel good about themselves.

Compliment Their Eyes and Hair

Women put lots of time and effort in their hair, so that they look good. Many women will in fact spend hours trying to get their hairdo right just so that they look more attractive. If you see a girl with a really good hairdo or style be the first to compliment her on this. If anything tell her that you love her hair or her hairstyle is going to get you the first date. In addition you should also tell her that her eyes look great. Every woman wants to hear a man say that she has beautiful eyes.

Avoid Sounding Sarcastic

Women hate sarcastic comments about their appearance or any other thing. Make sure that the compliments you dish out come at appropriate moments and are according to the situation. For instance telling a rather chubby woman that she looks skinny is going to make her think that you are making fun of her. Never try to indicate to a woman that you think she is chubby or fat.

Exercise – Finding Good Things to Say

In this exercise you will practice by saying stuff which is flattering to a woman. For instance if you see a well dressed woman do not hold back but tell her that you love the dress she is wearing. Women want to hear stuff like this of men because even though you may not know women are dressing up so that men take notice of them.


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