When dealing with a drug addiction, people often seek out a higher power to help them through this difficult period in their lives. While this method may not be correct for some, others can truly benefit from the experience of turning to God when they need help in battling a personal problem such as addiction. A Christian rehab center is a great choice for people battling their addiction and who wants to get back to God.

One of the better Christian rehab centers around the country is Balboa’s Horizon’s. This is a convent like addiction program because it serve’s women only. It is located Christian Retreat California in Newport Beach, California and focuses on fixing people who have been damaged by drug or substance abuse. This treatment facility also helps women deal with post traumatic stress syndrome, for those who have seen and done terrible things in their lifetimes.

St. Joseph’s Institute is another example of a great Christian facility that works towards getting people off their addictions and back into the light of the Lord. Through prayer, hard work, individual therapy, and group therapy, people who visit this facility, in central Pennsylvania, can have the best help available. This program is based on the idea that a combination of religious reflection and physical healing will heal the soul.

The Home Away From Home retreat is a very interesting type of religious rehabilitation program that is located in British Colombia in Canada. This is an interesting type of program because it deals with rehabilitating almost any kind of addiction problem, from sex on up to heroin, but does so in a family like setting. People are encouraged to bring up to eight guests to act as a support structure during completion of the program.

The Mark Houston Recovery Center is also an example of a great rehabilitation facility that focuses on God’s healing powers. Mirroring the Balboa’s Horizon Center, Mark Houston Recovery is an all male rehab facility that tries to cut out all forms of temptation from their patients lives. They also deal with addiction in its many forms, but also serves as place to get back to center without any external pressures.

Christian Rehab facilities are all based in the idea that Jesus is the light that can bring people out of the darkness of addiction to substances, dangerous practices, or traumatic experiences. They are all located in serene settings to promote maximum comfort and activities to help their patients focus on the healing power of God. These centers are great choices for lost sheep of the Lord who need to get back on the path of enlightenment.

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