People use Swamp Coolers, or Evaporative Coolers, for cooling because it uses about one forth of the energy that refrigerated cooling uses. It works very simply. Water is pumped over the inlet pads, and as the air passes through the louvers and pads the temperature of the air drops. If the air is humid, the temperature drop is less. When the air is dry you can get up to a 30 degree temperature drop. With a 95 degree outdoor temperature you can have a 65 degree supply air small cooler temperature blowing out the supply grills. As you can see, this type of cooling can not only save you money, but also be much better for the environment. That is why most dry cleaners, many warehouses, and also some residential homes use this type of equipment. If you call an air conditioning contractor to install your Swamp Cooler they will mark up the Cooler anywhere from 20 percent, up to double the wholesale cost. You can save money if you buy them online.

Buying Evaporative Coolers, or Swamp Coolers online is very easy. Go to Google, Yahoo, or any search engine that you usually use and type in swamp coolers online. You will see dozens of companies that will sell them directly to you. Then tell your contractor that you will purchase the Equipment and only need the installation price. They will probably not like this because they know you can buy the Cooler for the same price that they can. This forces them to charge you for only the installation price and not the additional markup on the cooler. If you do this you will save a lot of money.

You can find commercial Coolers in Champion and Essick brands. If you are looking for residential window mount or rooftop Coolers check out the Champion or Tradewinds Coolers. I have had the opportunity to tour the Champion Cooler plant in Denison, Texas. I was very impressed with the quality that they put into their Cooler manufacturing. They must be doing something right. It seems they are growing and buying other companies.

For over 25 years I have not only installed and maintained Evaporative Coolers, but also use them in my work shop. My favorite window coolers are Champion brand. They produce various sizes of coolers, such as the Champion WCM28, Champion WC37, Champion WC44, Champion WC46, and Champion WC50. If you are using a ducted model evaporative cooler try the Tradewinds TC451or the Tradewinds TC571, which are both rooftop downdraft models that cool up to 1800 square feet. If you are looking for a side draft model they make those too. Look at Tradewinds TS451 or Tradewinds TS571. All of these coolers can be purchased online and be installed by yourself or a handyman. You may have to call an air conditioning contractor to install the attic ductwork. For sizes or specifications on any of these coolers you can go to Google or Yahoo and type in the cooler brand and model number. Several of the businesses that come up will give all of this information on their website. I hope these suggestions will help you to save both time and money in the future.

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